Building a Personal Recovery Programme


Building a Personal Recovery Programme

One hallmark of a substance abuse treatment programme that operates in a professional manner is its focus on building a personalised treatment programme for each patient.

It would be absurd if the individuals whose recovery it is were to set for themselves a lower standard than that which professionals have recognised as necessary. If a professional needs to respond to the needs of each individual, then the individual can do no less in his or her self-help work. If “one size fits all” does not work in professional treatment, it certainly has no place in self-treatment.

LifeRing embraces the modern, evidence-based principle of individualised treatment and applies it to self-treatment. Apart from the prime directive, not to put addictive substances into the body, which we all share, LifeRing dismisses the notion that any single programme is appropriate for all our participants. Matching our programme to our individual problems and needs is what each of us does and should do. Building a LifeRing Personal Programme is what both science and common sense indicate.

Taken from the LifeRing book ‘Empowering Your Sober Self’ by Martin Nicolaus, available from or from Amazon.